Tom Harper
Vice President of Rhodea
In office:
President: William Pierce
Predecessor: Edmund L. Martins
Successor: TBD
Born: June 2, 1956
Bricksby, Rhodea
Spouse: Clara Harper
Political party: Moderate
Profession: Engineer
Religion: Protestant

Thomas "Tom" Harper (born June 2, 1956) is a Rhodean politician, currently serving as Vice President of Rhodea under President William Pierce. He is more socially conservative than Pierce, and more interested in military affairs than his running mate. Those aspects were likely the reason that he was chosen as Pierce's running mate, and later Vice President; to balance the ticket, so they also could gather votes from more conservative voters.

Harper troops

Harper greeting at Rhodean Army troops in Bradford in 2007

Government offices
Predecessor :
Edmund L. Martins
Vice President of Rhodea
Successor :