The Láchtjvæl Aerospace logo, with Imperial Atario writing.

Láchtjvæl Aerospace (pron. lah-tz-vøl) is the Shalman Empire's biggest exporter. Láchtjvæl Aerospace is famous for its luxury airships, which soar the skies of the Planet of Andromeda, homeplanet to the Shalman Empire.


Láchtjvæl Aerospace was the first ever airship manufacturer on the Planet of Andromeda. It was founded 500 years ago by the Imperial Family of the Shalman Empire to construct the first-ever luxury airships for which it later on became famous. As time passed, Láchtjvæl Aerospace begun to produce not only luxury airships but also war airships for the government of the Shalman Empire but also for other nations of the Planet of Andromeda which wanted to buy them. In recent years, Láchtjvæl Aerospace created its first Space Modified Airship for trips to Earth.

Famous AirshipsEdit


The exterior of the Oldior Gamma Airships with the Imperial Airship Lines liveries

The most famous of all Láchtjvæl Aerospace airships is the Oldior Gamma Airship, named after the then Emperor of the Shalman Empire, Aldior Mentar Otonlich (Atario: Álðior Méntar Ótonlich). It is a two-deck luxury airship, with state-of-the-art interior spaces. The majority of Oldior Gamma Airships are owned by Imperial Lines, and their subsidiary, Imperial Airship Lines, the flag carrier of the Shalman Empire

Interior of the Oldior Gamma AirshipEdit


The interior of the Oldior Gamma Airships

The interior of the Oldior Gamma Airships include: a bar, a cafeteria, a restaurant, two elevators, a night club, cabins, a VIP cabin, a reception, a bridge, the crew quarters, the cargo holds, the public rooms and the baricentric energy generator, which gives the airship the power it needs to operate. The Oldior Gamma Airships are the most luxurious airships ever built.