COFR Human Rights Act
Type Resolution
Proposer Hypertrophy
Date November 25, 2008
Status Passed

The COFR Human Rights were suggested by the COFR Human Rights, presented to the Assembly of Nations by Hypertrophy (anarchy0029) in November 2008. It resulted in the COFR Human Rights Summit at the Global Alliance Center on Howry Island, Hypertrophy.

Introduction Edit

  • We are nations of sovereingty and nations of a humane understanding that the people of the Confederacy Of Free Regions are recognized as equal and respected as human beings. We inherit the dignity and equal rights like others. We reserve the same right of freedom, justice, and tranquility among the peers of the Confederacy of Free Regions.

The Admendments of the COFR Human Rights Edit

  1. All humans are born free and equal in its dignity to exists. We are endowed with reason and consceince and should act towards one another within spirit.
  2. We believe they are entitle to the same rights regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, economic and social class, and age.
  3. Everyone has a right to a nationality.
  4. We do beleive that people reserve the right to exist, but we also grant governments the right to act at its discretion so as long as they follow the human rights law.
  5. Only when there is a security risk issue where a government may imprison or interrogate a class of individuals. If the death penalty is applied under this matter. It should be based on evidence brought against them, not based on prejidicial matters. The judicial matter shall be at the discretion of its own government, unless it becomes a multi-jurisdiction matter.
  6. Everyone has a right to leave any country, including his/her own. Plus, they reserve the right to return to their country as they please.
  7. Every individual has the freedom of movement anywhere with its borders of its state. Unless they are considered a risk of justice or national security, legitimately.
  8. Slavery or any form of servitude shall not be permitted within the rights of the COFR community.
  9. Social protection shall be granted regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, economic & social class, and political affiliation.
  10. Education shall be granted to all individuals regardless.
  11. In an event of war, there shall be no assissinations of any leader, No arbitrary arrest, for we seek a fair trial against the accused. There shall be not detention or exile of anyone, unless evidence is held against them.
  12. Every nation has the right of jurisdiction, unless the crime(s) were committed in more than one nation, and the other nations have not yet reached an agreement, then the accused shall be tried under the COFR tribunal.
  13. Although, every nation has the right of jurisdiction, any punishable acts shall be within the guidelines of the COFR Human Rights Act. If the opressor has overstepped its boundaries. They shall be tried by its peers of the COFR community, and depending on its severity from the oppresor, the alliance will decide.