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Country Rhodea flag Rhodea
Head Attorney
Tucker Samson
Clara O'Malley
Population (Dec. 2008) 47,366
Time zone UTC −5
Bradford pride avenue

Pride Avenue in Bradford: The Senate, National Library and Historical Museum

Bradford is the capital of Rhodea, and located in the Bradford Valley, short way from the metropolian area of Clayport-Moor.

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Bradford overview

Bradford was a poor valley in the late 18th century, but got industry in Smokey Hill and connection with the world outside with the railway in the 19th century. At the same time as the industry grew, people moved into to city from the poor country around it. When the population was bigger than Clayport's (in 1891), Bradford became the new capital, and new jobs in the federal administration, media and businesslife came to the city. Today the Bradforders enjoy a high level of living, good paid jobs, low fees, and a well-organized transport system with intercity rail, subways and highways.

The airport of Bradford is William Pierce Airport, named after the current Rhodean president, William Pierce. However, this airport is far from largest in Rhodea.

Public transport in Bradford is free for everyone younger than 18 years of age.

Politics Edit

Results for the last local elections for mayor, taking place in 2006:

Affiliation Candidate %
Moderate Initiative for Bradford City (MIBC) Tucker Samson 48,7
Social Democratic Party of Bradford (SDPB) Amanda Orville 45,5
People for Clean Air Peter Weasley 4,5
Motorist's Interests Bob Chevie 1,3

The MIBC is affiliated to the national Moderate Party of Rhodea, and the SDPB to the national Social Democrats. The two other political groups are local, and have special interestes. There are often more than five candidates, but the broader parties with wider plans (like the Moderates and the Social Democrats) use to pick up more votes.

Suburbs Edit

  • The oldest suburb of Bradford is Lake Plea, which is located by the small lake of the same name. Lake Plea is one of Rhodea's most exclusive residential areas.
  • Blushville was built in the 1970's, and the most important thing to find here is the University of Bradford. Beside the university, the area got a residential area, Blushville West, and a commercial area, Blushville East.
  • There are some residential areas north of Lake Plea (and south of Smokey Hill), all of them west of Bradford itself. Houses here are cheaper than in Lake Plea, and middle class families who don't want to live in the city centre, often move here. This area grows rapidly, as the request for more houses grows every year. The mentioned area doesn't have a real name, but the city council use the name "South West Division".
  • The industrial area of Smokey Hill is located at a small plain on the top of the hill with the same name, and is connected with the city centre of Bradford with highway, railway and subway. Nobody lives in Smokey Hill, so it isn't counted as a suburb.